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Enjoy our current craft beer selections and check back
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Golden Oldie

American Syle Golden/Blonde Ale 4.5% ABV / 21 IBU

502 Brew
American Wheat Beer 5.8% ABV / 15 IBU
Pre-Prohibition Pilsner
Refreshing lager brewed with some local malts and a good helping of corn–a higher alcohol version of the King of Beers 5.9%ABV/


Mr. American
Cascadian Single IPA. Focuses on Cascade and Centennial Hops 6% ABV / 70 IBU
Industrial Galaxy
Collab w/ Ten20 New England Style IPA w/ Amarillo and Galaxy Hops 6%ABV/ 35 IBU
The Funky Mile
This collab w/ Mile Wide Beer Co is a dry-hopped super saison w/ hallertaublanc and barbe rouge hops 9.1 % ABV/ 36.4 IBU


Passion Potion
Passionfruit and papaya sour ale 5.5% ABV/ 9 IBUPassionfruit and papaya sour ale 5.5% ABV/ 9 IBU
Festive sour collab w/ Shippingport features elderflower, orange, & lingenberry 8.1% ABV/12 IBU


Salute Your Schwarzbier
Crisp, dark German lager w/ light roasted notes 5.6% ABV/24.4 IBU
How Now Brown Cow - **NITRO**
Mild, malt forward brown ale 4.1%/ 21.7 IBU
Coffee Brown Cow
Brown ale with Good Folks Free Fallin’ coffee 4.1%/21.7 IBU
This imperial porter of the husky variety has dark chocolate and roasted notes 8.9% ABV/ 42.3 IBU
Winter spiced Belgian dark strong ale 9.2% ABV/ 27 IBU
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Reminiscent of a favorite dessert w/ notes of vanilla and toffee 8.4% ABV/23 IBU